«The debut album of the ensemble Taracea is nothing if not creative – an aural ‘marquetry’ (or ‘taracea’) that pieces together folk and art, past and present. The ensemble has arranged – and transformed – an assortment of pan-European medieval and Renaissance works, whose yearning melodies and wistful harmonies are suffused with nostalgia. Like the music itself, the interpretations are highly eclectic, drawing freely on jazz, improvisation, folk, Latino and non-Western traditions. (…) The disc may not be to all tastes, but for anyone interested in an innovative approach to early music, it will surprise and delight.«
Kate Bolton-Porciatti , BBC Classical Music Magazine, july 2020

«Akoé adds up to a rewarding and comforting 50-odd minute set. The playing is stylish and subtle, Seiferth’s arrangements tasteful and ingenious, by turn sultry and stately. The recording is naturally warm – it conveys unambiguously a sextet of musicians who are clearly having a wonderful time. Nor does the listening experience pall on repetition – quite the opposite. The love of the members of Taracea and their friends for this repertoire is extremely contagious – in a good way. Listeners will not need to be told to “stay alert”.»
Richard Hanlon, Musicweb International

«It’s wonderfully made, with a good sense of sound and ambience, but has little to do with Early Music…this music does not fit in any category – and that’s what we like about it.»
Detlev Krenge, Bayerischer Rundfunk 2, Germany